Key Features of Deriv Bot Free: No Loss MA RISE/FALL DBOT

  • Capital: $25
  • Stack: 0.35
  • Profit Target: $10
  • Stop-Loss: $10
  • Frequency: Run once or twice daily.
  • Demo Account: Always test on a demo account before using real funds.

Check out this free bot for IQ Option and Pocket Option

  1. IQ Options bot
  2. Pocket Options bot

The Way to Begin

  • Become a Deriv Dbot member: Create an account on Deriv’s Dbot platform if you haven’t already.
  • Login: Open your Dbot account and log in.
  • Go to the Dbot AI Auto-Trading Area by navigating: To access the Dbot AI auto-trading area, go to
  • After downloading the XML file, upload it to your Dbot workspace to upload the bot to Dbot.
  • Set Up Your Bot: You can adjust the capital, stack, profit objective, and stop-loss parameters to suit your tastes.
  • Begin the Bot: Select “Run” to launch the bot and track its progress. Don’t forget to test it first on a demo account.

Download the No Loss MA RISE/FALL DBOT

Download No Loss MA RISEFALL DBOT for Free - Deriv Bot Free
Deriv Bot Free

Frequently Asked Questions: MA RISE/FALL DBOT

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