Deriv traders, We are excited to offer a Free Deriv download known as Asphalt Binary Bot. 

This powerful tool enables you to:

  1. Trade with precision and aim for consistent daily profits of $10 while strictly adhering to a $5 stop-loss to effectively manage risk. 
  2. Capital Efficiency: You can get started with a minimal capital outlay of just $30.
  3.  Flexible Scheduling: Choose to run the bot once or twice daily during the recommended trading window of 10 a.m.–6 p.m. GMT. 
  4. Asphalt Binary Bot XLM Strategy: This bot is ideal for those who prefer a lower-risk approach where profits are not automatically reinvested into subsequent trades. 
  5. Demo First: Risk management should always come first. Before integrating the bot into a real trading account, properly test it in a demo environment.

Improve Your Trading with Optional Features Available for Purchase

An excellent starting point for automating your Asphalt Binary Bot is our free Deriv Bot. 

Free Deriv Download- Asphalt Binary Bot v3.0 XLM Automate trading. (2024)

Free Deriv Download

Are you prepared to reap the rewards of automatic trading? Get your free Deriv Bot now!

Customizable Settings:

  • Capital: $30 
  • Profit Target: $10
  • Best Trading Time: 10 am – 6 pm GMT
  • Stop-Loss: Total $5
  • Runs: Once or Twice Daily

This is only the start with this Free Deriv download!

How To Run A Dbot

  • Step 1: Binary or Deriv bot Registration
  • Step 2: Go to
  • Step 3: Unzip the download file
  • Step 4: Upload the downloaded.XML file
  • Step 5: Run the bot

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Prioritise risk management at all times by testing any bot in a demo environment first.

FAQ: Asphalt Binary Bot-Free Deriv Download-

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