The MT5 Expert Advisors (EAs) have been extensively used in the business sector, especially for the introduction of business strategies in the area of algorithmic trading. One of the EAs intended for time series trading and aimed against VIX 75 is 88 Robot V2.

What has changed with Robot88 V2 VIX 75?

Robo V2 can perform the internal functions listed below. VIX 75 EA is feasible. All the same, you can choose to analyze some of the data that was given in the question. It is consequently anticipated that the EA will employ technical trading tactics, which entail price and indicator analysis, to produce trade signals. The VIX index is 75.980. Opening a business account is a prerequisite before you launch your venture.

  • Lot Size: The EA trades with a 0.001 lot size. When you trade, this is the typical VIX 75 contract size that will be applied to your account.
  • Currency: The EA is intended to trade the VIX 75 in a particular currency and then monitor its movement. Verify that the chosen currency has been added to the trading account appropriately.
  • Duration: There is a five-minute maximum for the EA to be active. It’s crucial to remember that when utilizing EA, your MT5 platform needs to be adjusted to this time.
  • This blog post will argue that a virtual private server, or VPS, is the best option for unmanaged exchange accounts. A virtual private server (VPS) resides on a different computer and can be used to host your business plan in case your computer fails.

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Crucial Things to Keep in Mind When Using 88 Robot V2 (VIX 75).

The following are some crucial things to think about: Please think about the following:

  • Regression and allocation: We must support our approach with historical data since an EA must constantly be tested using actual money. This helps identify areas that work well and those that need development.
  • Market Volatility: One indicator of volatility is the VIX 75. Since even an EA is built to profit from volatility, these trading strategies are riskier than simple buying and selling; as such, risk tolerance needs to be well understood.
  • Relying only on EA for monitoring and risk management is not recommended. One should always monitor trading activity closely and use an appropriate risk management approach, like a trade stop, to prevent such losses.


88 Robo V2. 0 MT5 Investors can engage in automated index trading using EA at a favorable price, particularly when the VIX is 75. It is crucial to remember that algorithmic trading success necessitates risk management strategies in addition to critical thinking, analysis, and reevaluation of the deal.

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