Why DBot’s lobster digit strategy?

THE DIGIT LOBSTER STRATEGY involves DBOT examining market data while following given guidelines and standards of behavior. While the dbot can trade on any volatility index, its performance is highest when trading on the VOL10 index. The dbot requires an initial investment of $11 with a minimum profit of $5 and a maximum risk of $6. As the forecasted win percentage amounts to 70%, there remains a 30% probability of loss for your first stake. The dbot is an algorithm that executes on Deriv’s bot trading platform, whereby one can create their own trading robot for themselves without coding.


The lobster digits strategy used by LOBSTER DIGIT DBOT is a trading robot that takes advantage of the changing rise and fall markets of volatility indices in derivatives. LOBSTER DIGIT is this approach that DBOT employs for analyzing market statistics as well as conducting trading operations based upon set regulations and principles.

The dbot will perform optimally when trading on the Volatility 10 Index, although it can trade on any volatility index. The bot needed capital of $11 with a $5 profit target and a $6 stop loss. Your initial investment will have a probability of 30% since the winning rate is projected at 70%. The dbot runs on Deriv’s bot trading platform 12, where you can assemble a customized trading robot without having to write any code.

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In order to use the LOBSTER DIGIT STRATEGY DBOT, you should register with an account in Deriv. Sign up here for free if you have not registered yet. Afterward, visit here in order to download the bot when you have already set up an account. After downloading the dbot, you should upload it to Deriv’s bot trading platform. To do this, take the following actions: To upload a bot trading platform in Deriv, click the “Upload” button.

  • Click “Upload” on the bot trading platform for deriv.com.
  • Click “Open” after selecting the file containing the dbot.
  • The dbot will show up in the “My Bots” section on the left side.
  • Click “Run Bot” after selecting the dbot.
  • The settings will cause the dbot to begin trading automatically.


The LOBSTER DIGIT strategy DBOT offers many advantages to traders in the volatility index markets of derivatives. Among these advantages are that it is very easy to use, and it is also free of charge.

  • It does not cost anything, and no coding is required for the use of Dbot. A person only needs to download, re-upload, and run it.
  • This method has been proven to be effective. The lobster-digit strategy in data integration and process automation is practiced to be effective in multiple companies and industries. Therefore, you stand a chance of trading more consistently.
  • It is adaptable and scalable. You can personalize the bot’s settings depending on what you prefer and tolerate. These adjustments include stake size, profit objective, stop loss, etc. Moreover, they can also adjust the volatility index or any other setting.
  • It is trustworthy and open. Using this simple and free tool, you can monitor the bot’s performance. It is reliable and open, so you can use your Dbot for free. On Deriv’s bot trading platform, you can monitor the DBOTs’ performance in real-time. For instance, you can view data such as the total number of operations, winning percentage, etc. You can also pause the bot at your convenience.

What are the risks of using the LOBSTER DIGIT STRATEGY DBOT?

One approach called The Digit LOBSTER is no magic that can turn all deals into profit. It is a self-driven robot, employing an operational procedure that analyzes trading data. There are risks while using the bot. Among these dangers are:

  • Market turbulence. Volatility index markets are volatile at different points due to numerous reasons that may shift suddenly. However, sometimes it is difficult for the Dbot to respond adequately to unexpected fluctuations in the market and unfavorable conditions.
  • Technical difficulties. To function effectively, the bot requires the internet and Deriv’s bot trading system. Any problems with these elements of the environment would hurt the bot’s functioning. Such problems may include malfunctions, faults, and disturbances that would prevent the system from operating normally as planned.
  • Human mistake. The Dbot only performs as well as your parameters allow. Mistakes when arranging or managing the bot can lead to losing money and missing out on some opportunities. If, for example, you use a different volatility index, enter an incorrect stake amount, or forget to stop it.


You need to try out the strategy on the LOBSTER DIGIT demo account before settling for it on the live account. A demo account is a zero-cost, risk-free way to learn how to run the bot without real cash. Here, you should create a demo account at Deriv. To test the bot on a demo account, these steps are essential.

  • Go to your demo account on Deriv’s bot trading interface.
  • As you have already been informed, upload and execute the bot. For example, you need to monitor the dbot’s trading behavior for more than a hundred transactions to get an idea of how long it will take to reach the target profit objective or trigger a stop loss.
  • Check if you will want to try on a live account using the above data.


The LOBSTER DIGIT STRATEGY DBOT requires only $11 as a minimum deposit and promises $5 for its users at no cost. The LBDRS DBOT is a volatility instrument that trades the rising and falling markets against the various volatility indices provided through Deriv using the Digital Lobster Strategy. It is free, easy, flexible, reliable, and nonpartisan. However, there are risks associated with it, and it must be tested thoroughly as well as closely monitored. Click here to get a copy of the Dbot version for testing in a demo trader account.