even/odd strategy based on the volatility 75 index (binary bot). The bot applies simple logic to V75 prices’ last two digits and decides whether to buy or not. 3

  • If, in the last two digits, the number pair is even, the bot will acquire an even contract for two cents.
  • After that, the bot will buy an odd contract if both of those last numbers are odd and expend 2 ticks on it.
  • The bot loses when the last two digits are not the same.

The bot continues with this cycle until it either gains its $3 target or loses its $20 limit.


The BOBCAT EVEN ODD IO strategy is a straightforward and successful tactic because:

  • It is able to succeed by about 65-75%, depending on the nature of the market.
  • Since the bot only trades for 2 ticks and has a $20 manual stop loss, the chance of losing money is very low.
  • Since it can earn $3 every minute (loading), for example, it is quick and reliable to make money.
  • No matter your technical knowledge, and with no indicators, you’ll get what you want without help since the bot takes care of everything.

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Applying the BOBCAT even odd IO strategy.

If you wish to use the BOBCAT EVEN ODD strategy, then you must have a Deriv account and a capital of at least $20. Here is an opportunity for interested parties to sign up for a free account on Deriv. Once you get an account, download the BOBCAT EVEN ODD io strategy binary auto-bot on this page. The use of bots is completely risk-free and comes at no cost.
You must upload the bot to your Deriv account by doing the following actions after downloading it:

  • When one logs into a Deriv account, go to the binary bot.
  • From “Load new blocks,” click on “Load from your computer.”.
  • Navigate to a location where you retrieved the BOBCAT EVEN ODD IO STRATEGY file and click on it.
  • Do not click “start” before the bot is loaded.

When the bot has loaded, the following settings will be visible:

  • The stake is an input that specifies how much the bot will trade. When the default value equals 0.35, a trade costs $0.35. However, your value should not decrease further than 0.35, and it cannot exceed 1.00.
  • This amount, referred to as the target profit, is what the bot would try to achieve before it stops, making almost any possible profit in its final attempts. The default value is $3 per load (3). However, this may be adjusted in line with the income you wish to achieve, making sure it is not lower than three or higher than ten.
  • Stop Loss: The bot will cease trading if it loses this amount. The default is $20 per load, which can be changed by clicking on it. You will, however, have control over changing this number depending on your preferred risk tolerance levels, but ensure it remains between 20 and 50.

After customizing your settings, click “Run Bot” to let the bot trade on your behalf. You can also get an update on your income and balance on the top right of your screen.

BOBCAT EVEN ODD io strategy advice.

Here are some pointers and techniques to help you get the best outcomes from the BOBCAT EVEN ODD io strategy:

  • Trade during market hours, like before the closing of LDN and the opening of NY. It will increase your chances of success and decrease your chances of defeat.
  • Do not trade when there is breaking news or intense volatility, for instance, when economic data or announcements are being made. This will ensure you are not prone to sudden price variations that may affect your activities.
  • Avoid becoming avaricious or irritable. Ensure that you stick to your target profit and stop losing without trying for any further gain or attempting to recover the losses. That way, you will be averse to trading too much and going beyond what you should risk.
  • Ensure that you do not have more than one bot run at a time or on different accounts. It can result in conflicts and errors that may hinder your performance.
  • Use only one bot at a time or in different accounts. This can lead to errors and conflicts, thereby affecting your performance.
  • Do not share or sell the bot with anyone. It is important to protect it so as not to leave yourself behind.


You are awarded $3 per trade when it loads on the Deriv platform the binary auto-bot of Bobcat, even Odd io Strategy. The trade is a simple one, using an even/odd contract type on the Volatility 75 index. Quick profit, little risk, and a high percentage of wins. The bot takes care of the whole process; hence, no technical knowledge requirements or signs are needed. It only requires a Deriv account and $20 for you to begin using it. You can get a copy of the petition here if you’re free.

If you’re looking for a better way to make money through trading, test these options and the BOBCAT E N ODD IO strategy. This is one of the techniques that may help you realize your financial goals. Go now and do it now in order to see it for yourself!