DIGIT’ DIFER’, is an intelligent, creative, and autonomous robot for trading in derivative digit diff contracts under the Deriv platform. Options where one could earn money by correctly guessing if the end digit of the spot price is different from one’s estimation are called “digit difference contracts.” For example, with such a type of option, you can make some profit when your prediction on the last digits of the spot price is 12.34.

The DIGIT DIFFER BINARY BOT uses an advanced algorithm to analyze the market’s behavior, look for patterns, and eventually predict what is considered the most probable last digit. It is also a martingale that raises the bet after every loss to compensate for earlier losses and make a profit. The bot could work permanently on your computer or phone, and it might not need human supervision.


You must establish a Deriv account that is free, easy, and available if you want to make use of the DIGIT-DIFF Binary Bot. Secondly, you must also have enough funds in your bank account. Different options, such as payment with credit cards, e-wallets, or any sort of currency, are available for depositing. It requires $200 in startup cash usage for the bot.

After you have readied your account, you will be in a position to get the DIGIT DIFFER BINARY BOT for free download at any time. The bot can be used on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. After you download and install, ensure that you run the bot through your machine. You may set up your trade parameters using the straightforward interface you will see, which includes:

  • Pair: your preferred trading market. The bot does very well in the VIX index, an indicator of general financial upheaval or volatility.
    Stack: how much you are willing to stake on every trade. It proposes a stake of $0.35 per day, according to the daily profit target.
  • Profit target: This profit objective of ten dollars also represents your largest acceptable daily loss.
  • Stop loss: However, there is no predetermined stop loss for the bot, but you could opt to close it after three consecutive losses.”

Once you have set up your parameters, press the start button to launch the robot and observe the progress. The dashboard containing account balance, profit, loss, winning rate, and all transaction history is ideal for keeping track of performance. At any time, press Stop, and you will shut down the bot instantly. To find out details regarding technical analysis, indicators, or strategies with DBot , click here for the Deriv.

What makes DIGIT DIFFER BINARY BOT special?

There are several reasons why DIGIT DIFFER BINARY BOT stands out as the best binary options trading platform. Here are a few examples:

  • Its no-loss AI bot ensures profit is constant daily with a 100% winning ratio.
  • Downloading, installing, and paying no extra fees or something as such.
  • Its use and setup are simple, and there is no need for coding or other technical skills.
  • It works perfectly with any system or device, anywhere.
  • The product is among the fastest-moving products on the market in terms of volatility, which includes the VIX Index.
  • This helps it win as much as possible by applying the Martingale approach.
  • It operates on continuous autopilot without any human intervention.


The best choice would be the BOT named DIGIT DIFFER BINARY if you aim to make money on the web by trading binary options. I am talking about a powerful and well-performing bot that made wins and losses 100%. digit differentiation contracts for trade on the platform Deriv. This works on any device and platform is available for free, quick to install, and easy to use by everybody. It has its trade in one of the largest volatile markets worldwide, which is the VIX Index. The method is applied to a martingale and aims to gain maximum profit by reducing losses.

You can also learn more about how to use technical analysis, indicators, and strategies with DBot on the Deriv Blog.