What is EURO SCALPER PRO EA V1.02: Forex EA Robot?

The EURO SCALPER PRO EA V1.02 is a Forex robot that trades the money pair of Euro and US Dollar using grid patterns in one-hour time on currency exchange markets. A grid system is a way to trade that uses many orders at different prices. This helps make money from changes in the market. The machine can do trades without help, based on what’s going on in the market and your choices.

The robot has a safety feature that can reduce the loss and keep your money account safe from big losses. The robot can change risk settings and rules to match your needs. You can set trade frequency, the amount of money at stake, stop loss points, and gain targets according to what feels right for you in taking chances.

The robot can be used on any MetaTrader 4 platform. It’s the most common and often-used trading platform for the Forex business. The robot can also work on a private computer server (VPS). It’s like being in another place that keeps running your trading program all the time without stopping.

Why Choose EURO SCALPER PRO EA V1.02: Forex EA Robot?

There are many reasons to pick EURO SCALPER PRO EA V1.02 as your Forex robot for trading money. Here are some of the main benefits of using this robot:

  • It can swap EURUSD, the most popular and changing currency combination in the Forex market, for lots of money gains.
  • It can swap on the one-hour timeframe. This is good for scalping, which means making little gains from quick price changes every now and then.
  • It can apply a grid system, which is a successful trading plan that takes advantage of market fluctuations. This allows you to catch multiple gains from the same price change.
  • It can make a big profit of 35% each month, which is amazing money for any trader.
  • You can set the loss limit at 22%, which is a good and acceptable level of risk for anyone trading.
  • It can work on any MetaTrader 4 system, which is an easy-to-use and trustworthy trading place. It provides many tools for buying and selling things.
  • It can work on a VPS, which is an easy and safe way to make sure your robot keeps working well all the time without being stopped by power cuts, internet problems, or computer crashes.

How to Use EURO SCALPER PRO EA V1.02: Forex EA Robot?


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To use EURO SCALPER PRO EA V1.02, you need to have the following requirements:

  • A Forex trading account that uses MetaTrader 4 and lets you use EAs.
    You need to start trading with at least $1000, which is the suggested amount for using this robot.
  • A MetaTrader 4 system put on your computer or a VPS.
    You can buy a EURO SCALPER PRO EA V1.02 license from the real site of this robot machine.

Once you have these requirements, you can follow these steps to install and activate the robot:

  • Save the robot file from the official website to your computer or online server.
  • Start your MetaTrader 4 program and sign in to the account you use for trading.
  • Go to File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts. Then, copy the robot file into this folder.
  • Restart your MetaTrader 4 program. Go to Tools > Options > Expert Advisors and tick the boxes that allow automatic trading and DLL imports.
  • Go to the Navigator window and look for the robot in the Expert Advisors section. Put the robot on the EURUSD chart in an hour’s time by dragging and dropping it.
  • A little box will show up with the robot choices. You can change how much risk you want and the settings based on what you like or how much danger you’re willing to take. You can also put your key in the right place to make the robot work.
  • Press OK, and you’ll see a happy face at the top right side of your chart. This shows that the robot is all set to make trades.


EURO SCALPER PRO EA V1.02 is an easy-to-use robot for trading currencies like the EURUSD in a set time frame of 1 hour on the forex market using a grid system to earn stable money every day. The robot has a built-in system that can reduce the drawdown and stop your account from losing too much money. The robot can be set up in a flexible way with your own risk levels, how often it trades, the size of the lots, and when to stop losses or take profits. This caters to what you want and how much risk you are willing to take while trading.

The robot can do its job on any MetaTrader 4 system. This is the top and most used trading platform in the forex market. The robot can also work on a VPS, which is like someone else’s computer. This computer helps run your trading program all day and night without stopping.

If you want a Forex EA robot to trade the big money maker, called “EURUSD,” in an hour, using tactics like grid systems, you could make more than 35% profit every month while keeping risk low at around 22%. Go for EURO SCALPER PRO EA V1.02 alone, or try it out and see what happens! You can buy the robot from its website. You need at least $1000 to start trading with it.