Welcome to the Green Arrow trade automation world binary bot. This new tool would be used in the process of binary option trading. Green Arrow Binary Bot is your true companion that focuses on automation to get you to all your targets.

What is a green arrow binary bot?

This is a case of the Automation Binary bot for auto-trading some of the binary options, like the Green Arrow Binary bot. Once the bot executes the trading options, the trader will not waste time and be prone to human mistakes.

How does it work?

The Green Arrow Binary Robot takes martingale steps in a chain. This entails more commitment at later stages in order to compensate for losses and realize the gains from changing markets. The bot has six martingale steps.

Capital Requirement and Profit Target

A trader is required to start up operations with a minimum capital of $115 when working with the Green Arrow Binary Bot. The capital will, then, trade on your behalf. It aims for at least ten dollars of profit per session. A bot needs to shut down when it loses almost 60 dollars to protect its capital.

Winning Percentage

The Green Arrow binary bot has a high chance of winning. The bot could operate in a suitable environment under an ideal market condition with a win ratio of up to 90%. The Green Arrow Binary Bot has an astonishingly high winning ratio, which makes it quite reliable in binary options trading.

Trading Schedule

Daily-loading Green Arrow Binary Bot. However, weekend trading should be avoided, as the market is unpredictable. Daily involvement in the procedure will surely increase your chance of success.

Risk Management

Risk management is an imperative part of any deal, and this also applies to binary options trading. With Green Arrow Binary Bot, you have ten percent as your risk amount. It is advisable to run the bot first in a demo account so you do not incur high costs in case you lose money trading in a real account.

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Any binary option trader will find a green arrow binary bot of great use. It is one of the best trading methods due to its focus on automation, capital management, and high win rate. Play safe always by trading responsibly, and download the free Green Arrow Binary bot here.


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