A bot with powerful auto-trading abilities can work for you on a daily basis and give you over $50 with less than $70 in startup capital. It is an extremely efficient method of measuring the digit discrepancies of the VIX index by analyzing its last digits with a clever algorithm. With it, you may make 100 percent safe earnings because this approach is 90 percent efficient and no-loss.

The ORBIT DIGIT DIFFER DERIV BOT, an auto-bot with a capital of at least $70, returns more than $50 and comes for free. the following characteristics:

  • The VIX is an index that tracks market volatility, offering various trading strategies.
  • The minimum amount for the deposit is 50 USD, with a single trade stake of no less than 0.35 USD.
  • It aims to make an average of $50.00 as its daily objective profit, so when the market closes or just after it has met its target, it stops working.
  • It has a martingale approach that involves increasing the bet after a loss so that earlier losses are offset and profit is made.
  • The stop-loss module is there for you to manually shut down the bot after three consecutive losses and save on your capital.

There is a free download of an ORBIT DIGIT DIFFER DERIV BOT (Auto-BOT) that could earn you $50+ with a $70 cap. You must adhere to these easy steps:

  • Binary or Deriv bot Registration
  • Go to bot.deriv.com
  • Upload the downloaded. XML file
  • Run the bot
  • Test this bot to see if It’s making Step

To learn how to set up and use the bot, you can also watch this video.

ORBIT DIGIT DIFFER DERIV BOT: AUTO-BOT makes money for you about $50+ with a capital of $70 and above. No-cost download! On deriv.com, one of the best bots for trading digit is at the top of the list of greatest bots for trading diff. It may help you realize some income, and it is safer and does not involve much work. Go ahead and install it to get started earning profits.

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With a cap of $70 and above, Auto-Bot will make you $50 plus. Kindly download here in the hope it may help you and profit from it.