The Sniper Pro EA V3.0 Auto Trading Robot is designed to take your trading to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a newbie, this automated system promises to multiply your profits by executing precise trades on your behalf. Let’s dive into the details and see why this robot is stealing the spotlight.

SNIPER PRO EA V3.0 – Auto Trading Robot: Features

  1. Pair: EURUSD
    • The Sniper Pro EA V3.0 focuses on the EURUSD currency pair, one of the most traded pairs in the forex market. Its liquidity and stability make it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced traders.
  2. Broker Leverage: 1:200
    • Leverage plays a crucial role in forex trading. With a 1:200 leverage, you can control a larger position size with a smaller amount of capital. The Sniper Pro EA V3.0 takes advantage of this leverage to maximize gains.
  3. Time Frame: 15 Minutes
    • The 15-minute time frame allows the robot to identify short-term trends and execute timely trades. It strikes a balance between capturing quick profits and avoiding excessive risk.


Let’s look at the numbers that matter:

  • Monthly Gain: 45%
    • The Sniper Pro EA V3.0 consistently delivers impressive monthly gains. Whether the market is bullish or bearish, this robot adapts and capitalizes on opportunities.
  • Daily Gain: 1.4%
    • Day by day, the Sniper Pro EA V3.0 steadily accumulates profits. Its disciplined approach ensures consistent growth without exposing your equity to unnecessary risk.
  • Overall Gain: +30%
    • Over time, this Auto Trading Robot has proven its worth. A 30% gain is nothing short of remarkable, especially considering the volatile nature of forex markets.
  • Drawdown: 6.8%
    • Drawdown measures the peak-to-trough decline in equity. The Sniper Pro EA V3.0 keeps drawdowns low, safeguarding your capital during market downturns.

Equity: $200

The beauty of the Sniper Pro EA V3.0 lies in its accessibility. You don’t need a massive trading account to get started. With just $200 in equity, you can unleash the power of this robot and watch your profits multiply.

📍How to install

  • Register with Exness Broker to download the MT5 platform.
  • Open an ECN account through the Exness Broker.
  • UnZip and Download the Forex AutoTrading System
  • Follow this step to install the download file on the MT5 Platform: “File/Open Data Folder/MQL5/Experts.”
  • Run a Strategy Tester and Demo Live account before trying on a Real Account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Q1: Is the Sniper Pro EA V3.0 suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely! Its user-friendly interface and automated execution make it beginner-friendly.

  2. Q2: Can I customize the settings?

    Yes, the robot allows customization to align with your risk tolerance and trading preferences.

  3. Q3: Does it work on other currency pairs?

    While its primary focus is EURUSD, you can explore other pairs as well.

  4. Q4: Is the Sniper Pro EA V3.0 available for free?

    While the Sniper Pro EA V3.0 bot might provide some free services, to take full advantage of its capabilities, a premium subscription is typically required. The following URL can be used to purchase a Premium Auto Trading Robot:

  5. Q5: Where can I get more details about the Auto Trading Robot?

    To get a ton of EAs tailored for your trading account that will help you traverse the world of binary options trading and become an expert with the Auto Trading Robot, visit our Telegram channel: Telegram Channel

In summary

The Sniper Pro EA V3.0 Auto Trading Robot is a powerful ally for traders seeking consistent profits. With its impressive performance metrics and low drawdown, it’s no wonder this robot is stealing the show in the forex world.