Why is Special S V3 2 EA the “Best Forex EA”?

Special S V3 2 EA works seamlessly on the Forex MT4 Platform, which is probably one of the most respected trading platforms available today. To start trading, one does not require special capital, which means anyone can engage in trade.

The EA trades on either the EUR/USD or GBP/USD pair, allowing traders to select the relevant market. The lot size is 1% of the equity; hence, it manages risks and optimizes profits at the same time.

Although it uses an aggressive scalping strategy, it has only a 10% drawdown so as to protect your money, and even within it, it keeps growing your capital. Additionally, it aims at providing a profit share of 20% of the invested capital, which is fairly high for the forex market.

The Special S V3 2 EA the “Best Forex EA” and how it should be used

It is also easy to use the Special S V3 2 EA. Upon completion of software installation for EA by way of the MT4 platform, choose either a currency pair such as the EUR/USD or the GBP/USD. In that case, the EA will deduct 1% of your equity and use this amount as a lot size per trade.

The EA keeps drawdowns at 10 percent while operating so that your capital remains intact. It hopes to make a profit of about 20 percent of your original investment capital as it trades.

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The Special S V3 2 EA is not just about any EA but rather perhaps the best Forex scalping strategy for those who seek simple and quick It is flexible, has good risk management, and sets a high profit target, making it the first choice of many FX traders.


Try out the Special S v3 2 EA to revolutionize forex trading.


Disclaimer: Forex trading involves risk. Therefore, always do your own research, and don’t invest unless you can afford it.