One of the most widely used forex trading scalping strategies by participants in the forex market is forex scalping. By utilizing this sophisticated method, traders can profit quickly from even the smallest changes in the market price. We will look at a few sophisticated forex trading scaling strategies in this blog post that are specially made for MT5 platform traders who trade the volatility index (VIX). These tactics can increase your earnings and give you a 90% success rate.

Utilizing the Forex Trading Scalping Strategies

Now that you are familiar with the fundamentals of the method, let’s look at how you may use it in your forex trading scaling strategies. Recall that the DERIV MT5 platform is exclusively intended for use with this method while trading the Volatility Index.

Forex Trading Scalping Strategies
Custom Arrow Settings- Forex Trading Scalping Strategies
Forex Trading Scalping Strategies
MACD Settings– Forex Trading Scalping Strategies
  • Market: Any Volatility Index that is accessible on the DERIV MT5 platform can be used with this technique. Make sure the market you want to trade on is the one you choose.
  • Timeframe: For market analysis and trading decision-making, use the 5- and 15-minute intervals. These intervals offer an ideal balance between keeping an eye on transient patterns and seizing lucrative openings.

MACD with Custom Arrow

Forex Trading Scalping Strategies
MACD with Custom Arrow– Forex Trading Scalping Strategies (Buy Signal)

In the forex market, Custom Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is a technical analysis indicator that helps identify trends and momentum in the market. By including custom arrows to represent possible buy or sell signals, the MACD with Custom Arrow custom indicator improves on this time-tested instrument.

Forex Trading Scalping Strategies
Buy Signal- Forex Trading Scalping Strategies

Trading opportunities inside the Custom Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) range can be effortlessly identified by integrating the MACD with Custom Arrow into your MT5 platform. With the help of personalised arrows, you can make swift and precise trading decisions by removing any doubt with their unambiguous visual signals.

Forex Trading Scalping Strategies
MACD with Custom Arrow– Forex Trading Scalping Strategies (Sell Signal)
Forex Trading Scalping Strategies
Forex Trading Scalping Strategies -SELL

It is noteworthy that to identify possible purchasing opportunities, the opposite conditions (and vice versa) should be taken into account. The goal of the approach is to offer precise instructions for carrying out trades that have a high chance of success.


In conclusion, when applied correctly, advanced Forex trading scaling strategies can significantly enhance your trading profits. By leveraging the power of VIX trading strategies and following the steps outlined in this article, you can potentially achieve a 90% winning rate.

Before using this method in real-time trading, it is imperative to comprehend and practice it fully. Your long-term performance as a Forex trader will also be aided by keeping an eye on your transactions and never stopping to absorb knowledge from your mistakes.

📍How to install

  • Register with Exness Broker to download the MT5 platform.
  • Open an ECN account through the Exness Broker.
  • Unzip and download the Best Scalping Trading Strategies on MT5.
  • Follow this step to install the download file on the MT4 platform: “File/Open Data Folder/MQL5/Indicator.”
  • Run a strategy tester and a demo live account before trying on a real account.

Keep up with the most recent changes in the Forex market and trends to hone your scalping strategies and modify them for various market scenarios. For those who possess commitment, self-control, and the appropriate methodology, Forex Trading Scalping Strategies can prove to be a lucrative trading tactic.

To sum up, Forex MT5 custom indicators are effective instruments for improving your trading performance. They give you insightful information, produce precise signals, and support you in making wise choices in the erratic forex markets. You may remain ahead of the game and increase your profit potential by utilising the Custom Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) with Custom Arrow in your trading approach.

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